The Contact Point is a new joint venture of the Israel Tennis Association, Ilan (Israel foundation for handicapped children), ICSD (the Israeli Sport Center for the Disabled) and UNICEF Israel, in which teens with physical disabilities are provided with an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of tennis from some of Israel's most talented young players.

The key goals of this initiative are to provide the teens with physical disabilities with the opportunity to be coached by their beloved junior stars. We believe this will greatly assist them in overcoming some of the mental barriers they face on a daily basis, due to their limitations.

The young stars will experience the game of tennis from a different perspective which will provide them with a sense of humility and responsibility, attributes that will be invaluable for their future careers.

UNICEF Israel will conduct monthly educational sessions in which the junior players will be instilled with core values such as mutual respect and perseverance. We believe that such values will assist the players to make the most of their talent and help them become great "ambassadors" of Israel while playing international events.

The top junior players will each receive a monthly scholarship for their participation in the program, funds that will help finance the early steps in their professional tennis careers.

Your generous donation will allow the ITA to include more juniors in the program and to offer them more training for their future tennis careers.

Support Contact Point
The ITA will match any contribution received for Contact Point.

All of the participants of the program Win by gaining values while contributing to the next link in the chain. This creates conditions for a perpetual motion of empowerment!
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Top Junior Players

Edan Leshem

19 years old from Raanana. started playing tennis at the age of 7 following his grandfather who used to play. Lashem won four 10,000 $ Futures tournaments and currently ranked inside the top 400 players in the world (August 2016). Leshem is training with former player and national coach Amos Mansdorf and he is part of the national Davis Cup team (played his debut game versus Romania in March 2015).

Maya Tahan

17 years old from Tel Mond, started playing tennis at the age of 8 and moved to train at Netanya tennis club when she was 11, currently trained by Eval Omid at Raanana and she is part of the "David Squad" team. Tahan is the number 1 in the national ranking in Israel, she won both Purim and Passover national competitions. In the past year competed in several international tournaments including the under 16 European Championship. Tahan won 3 Juniors doubles ITF titles, in Bat Yam, Denmark and Montenegro.

Yasha Zemel

17 years old from Kiryat Motzkin, started playing tennis at the age of 7 and trained with coach Liav Cohen until he was 15 and currently trained with national coach Shlomo Zoreff. Zemel ranked at his best 273 in the ITF Juniors ranking and making his first steps in the Pro circuit these days. Zemel won two ITF Juniors tournaments in Armenia (singles) and Greece (doubles)

The Practices

Elite junior players age 15-21 are coaching handicapped children and teens on a weekly basis. The top juniors are joining Ilan’s experienced instructors to provide the utmost preferable conditions for the handicapped kids to learn the basics of tennis while revealing ways of playing and improving given their physical limitations, through a better understanding of the game and the acquisition of key skills, such as hand-eye coordination, anticipation, reaction and the sharpening of technical abilities.

Ofri Lankri

Ofri Lankri, 25 years old from Akko, former player, was ranked 545 in the world, finalist of Israel Championship in 2013. Won 2 singles and 3 doubles futures titles and was part of the Israeli Fed Cup team. Today Lankri is a head coach at the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled, working with children with different disabilities and the coach of the national adults teams of Israel.



The Israeli Fund for UNICEF (UNICEF Israel) is an Israeli non-profit organization serving as the local representative of the world's most expansive organization working on behalf of children. UNICEF draws its purpose and proven strength from the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We support the children in Israel by empowering their voices, advancing their rights, and raising awareness about the issues impacting children and their welfare, through education, advocacy, public activism, and resource mobilization.

We aim to make the state of Israel a strong partner in UNICEF's global efforts to improve the lives of children suffering from poverty, hunger, diseases, war, and more.

ICSD – Israel Sport Center for the Disabled

The Israel Sport Center for the Disabled is the first sport center for the disabled in the country and a world pioneer in the field. The Center, which specializes in the physical and psychological rehabilitation of Israeli children and youth, opened its gates in the 1960 in order to encourage disabled kids, youth and adults to take part in sports activities. Sports activities contribute more to the confidence, morale, and self-image of the disabled than any other form of rehabilitation. The spirit and motivation of sport is used as a means to help guide the disabled from a

Ilan – Israel Foundation for handicapped children

The Israeli Foundation for Handicapped Children - was established in 1952 and assists thousands of physically impaired children and adults suffering from neuromuscular disorders such as infantile paralysis, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy.