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The Israel Tennis Association (ITA) is the national governing body for the sport of tennis
and the recognized leader in promoting and developing the sport’s growth on every level in Israel.
ITA facilitates the advancement of junior tennis players in Israel to enable them to
become professional athletes and compete with players from around the world.

The Israel Tennis Association fosters all national teams, including the prestigious Davis Cup and Federation Cup.
ITA also makes tennis accessible for wheelchair athletes and those with special needs,
while promoting new initiatives such as beach tennis.

  International tournaments held in Israel

Excellent junior athletes, in order to become professional, must compete in 20 international tournaments annually, to obtain ranking points that will qualify them to compete in bigger tournaments. The cost for participation in an international tournament averages $1,200 per week, or $25,000 per annum, including flight, lodging and meals, which most of the junior players cannot afford to pay. The addition of a coach doubles the costs. . Unlike their European and North American colleagues, who can often commute to tournaments by bus or train at tremendous savings; due to its geopolitical isolation, Israeli athletes must always fly to tournaments, unless they are held in Israel. In order to foster Israeli players to develop into professionals, ITA has set a strategic goal to increase the number of international tournaments that are played in Israel.

In addition to making the tournaments less expensive for the individual players, it also enables all of the coaching staff to see the players compete; significantly helping improve their game.

International games played in Israel are also an excellent opportunity to enhance Israel’s reputation in the sporting arena.
  Adopting future champions

Junior stars are the future of Israeli tennis. ITA motivates and encourages these young athletes to reach the highest competitive level by cultivating and developing their talent, preparing them to reach the professional level.

The annual costs for each player to have the basic tools for success is hundreds of thousands of shekels, including training programs for tournaments, fitness training, nutritionist and psychological services, equipment, training camps, travel costs etc.

A young player does not earn enough in tournaments or sponsorships and; therefore, must rely on funding sources for the lifestyle that will enable him to become a professional in due time. Most of the young athletes’ parents, cannot afford all of the above expenses; therefore, ITA supports young players with fitness training hours, nutritionists, stress tests, flights for training camps, and other such expenses, giving them peace of mind to focus on improving their game.

  Training camps on clay courts

Clay courts are the most popular type of courts for international professional tournaments. Due to Israel’s hot and dry climate, in addition to its water shortage, clay courts cannot be kept moist as required.

In Israel there are only two clay courts and five synthetic clay courts.

In order for the players to compete equally with players who regularly play on clay courts, ITA initiated training camps on clay courts in European clubs, enabling players to prepare for tournaments on clay courts and for their coaches to train them. Support for training camps on clay courts will help the Israeli players be more competitive professional tennis players.

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